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Serial production of Airbus Group’ most advanced high-tech military airlifter A400M started in Seville in 2011. In 2008, Schott Solar, the renewables division of the German glass producer Schott, established a manufacturing plant for solar receivers in Seville. CSC's Health Business Unit for the South of Europe and Latin America located at Andalusia's Technology Park in Malaga has become its main premise for their development and growth in the Health sector. Celgene chose Seville for its first R&D centre outside the US to carry out extensive clinical trials starting in 2011. Abbott, Spain’s Best Workplaces award winner 2010, expanded its Granada nutritions plant to triple its production. Spanish Sener and Abu Dhabi Based Masdar opened their cutting edge solar tower project Gemasolar in 2011

CAPA Global Summit 2018 in Sevilla

from October 4th, 2018 to October 5th, 2018 , Hotel Barceló Renacimiento in Seville, 4th y 5th of de octubre 2018 More information and registration on the following wesite:  

The essential global LCC long haul dialogue
The CAPA Low Cost Long Haul Global Summit is the only strategy event dedicated to the new frontier of low cost travel: long haul. New aircraft technologies, evolving passenger preferences and stable fuel prices are pushing LCCs (and restructuring full service airlines) to consider new growth opportunities. High fare long haul markets are ripe for disruption and airports/destinations are aggressively courting new routes. New city pairs are emerging, and secondary airports are featuring regularly in the long haul low cost networks. But it’s not just fuel efficient widebody equipment that’s changing the game – the new long haul narrowbodies are opening up vast new opportunities for airlines – and they’ll be entering the fleets of airlines around the world in large numbers in the coming years. The implications are profound, touching the entire travel value chain from airports to accommodation, ground transportation, distribution/payment and technology – and even corporate travel. Come and hear how your world will change as low cost long haul really takes off.

To introduce proceedings at the Summit, CAPA - Centre for Aviation will provide an in depth, big picture overview of low cost long haul developments globally, outlining the main proponents and describing some of the strategies that have been adopted. This will be followed by a debate featuring LCCs and industry figures analysing the industry role and future prospects of this disruptive business model.

There will also be keynote presentations from leading low cost long haul operators, and panels covering issues such as:

  • The role of low cost long haul subsidiaries in full service carrier groups
  • The viability of independent low cost long haul carriers vs those that belong to large LCC groupings
  • The LCCs' evolving relationships with airports
  • Low cost long haul to short haul connectivity
  • Virtual interlining, and the role of new-generation equipment in enabling the growth of the model – including the impact of long haul narrowbodies on traditional high fare markets