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Serial production of Airbus Group’ most advanced high-tech military airlifter A400M started in Seville in 2011. In 2008, Schott Solar, the renewables division of the German glass producer Schott, established a manufacturing plant for solar receivers in Seville. CSC's Health Business Unit for the South of Europe and Latin America located at Andalusia's Technology Park in Malaga has become its main premise for their development and growth in the Health sector. Celgene chose Seville for its first R&D centre outside the US to carry out extensive clinical trials starting in 2011. Abbott, Spain’s Best Workplaces award winner 2010, expanded its Granada nutritions plant to triple its production. Spanish Sener and Abu Dhabi Based Masdar opened their cutting edge solar tower project Gemasolar in 2011

The German financial software company has chosen Seville as a base for its international expansion

January 30th, 2017

The German company Tetralog Systems AG, which focuses on consultancy and development of software solutions for the financial sector, recently unveiled its new Seville branch, which will serve as the stepping stone for its expansion throughout Europe.

The company provides solutions to drive consultancy processes on private investment and has chosen Seville to develop specialist work on software engineering for the financial markets. It has received the support of the Invest in Andalucía, who provides a series of services for any company contemplating settling in Andalusia to streamline the decision-making process and installation once the decision has been made.

More specifically, Invest in Andalucía, has supported Tetralog by providing information on available office space for their activity and on various personnel search tools.

The company CEO, Javier Luque, stated that the rationale behind establishing this work centre in Seville was three-fold: availability of talent, competitiveness of the Andalusian market with respect to the German market and closeness. Munich is barely three hours’ flight from Seville airport.


Tetralog Systems AG is one of the most important international providers of consultancy and software solutions for financial service distribution.

Tetralog Systems AG operates in European countries and provides its services to clients in the financial, banking, investment consultancy, asset management, financial intermediary and media sectors.

Tetralog Systems AG has been growing continuously since 1994. It develops innovative solutions for the German and European markets in close collaboration with its clients so that consultants and end customers can receive investment recommendations anywhere and anytime.

The software developed by Tetralog Systems AG uses Agile methodologies to tackle complex solutions in close collaboration with its clients: responses to new breakthroughs are immediate and stable thanks to their high quality.

Tetralog Systems AG conceptualises and implements customised B2B (business-to-business) solutions for financial service providers to support the investment consultancy process in all client segments, from retailers to private banking.

The key to the success of Tetralog System AG lies in providing high value-added services and solutions to its clients and to its clients’ clients.