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One of the factors that weighed most on our decision to choose Andalusia were the region’s numerous companies and R&D institutions... a significant competitive advantage in our sector,” Luis Alberto Solá, General Manager Schott Solar. In 2008, the German glass producer established a plant for solar receivers in Seville.

Renewable Energies

Andalusia’s geographic location and climate have enabled it to become one of Europe’s main locations for the development of renewable energies. The main sources of renewable energy are wind power and solar energy, particularly photovoltaics and concentrated solar power (CSP). The region is also the national leader in the biomass sector. In 2011, the total installed renewable capacity of almost 4,400 MW was more than 5 times higher than in 2000, accounting for about a third of the total electricity generating capacity.

There are over 800 companies operating in Andalusia’s renewable energies sector, which is increasingly attracting component manufacturers such as Schott Solar, Solel (owned by Siemens) or Suzlon to the region. There are also several companies manufacturing other renewable energy generation equipment, including solar-thermal harnessing elements, photovoltaic modules and wind power generation equipment.

Specialised technological centres, such as the Andalusian Institute of Renewable Energies (IAER) in Seville or the Advanced Technological Centre of Renewable Energies (CTAER) in Almería and Cadiz provide an outstanding environment for renewable energy companies to engage in R&D activities and develop new products.

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