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“Our premises at Andalusia's Technology Park (Malaga) are our Headquarters and It Solutions Development Center for the South of Europe and Latin America. From Malaga we manage operations in the mentioned geographic area with a team of hihghly qualified young professionals. At present there are more than 250 people working in Malaga and our plans are to increase this number in the near future".

Mr. Guillermo Ramas, Managing Director for South Europe and Latin America

IT & Communications (ICT)

Andalusia is the third largest Information & Communication Technology (ICT) region in Spain in number of companies. 9.7% of the ICT companies in Spain are located in Andalusia. The region accounts for about 2,000 companies employing more than 16,000 specialists and generating around €4,000 million turnover in 2013

Andalusia’s large IT workforce provides excellent opportunities for IT outsourcing and has attracted major companies like Capgemini and Oracle who have opened service and operations centres here. In the EU in 2014, more than half of ICT specialists had a tertiary education level, with Spain registering the highest proportion. Andalusia’s IT labour costs are much lower than Madrid or Barcelona, which provides an advantage to the many major ICT companies based in Andalusia, for instance IBM, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu and Siemens among others.

Andalusia is also at the forefront of new developments in information technology and was chosen to host Spain’s first ICT Public Demonstration Centre focusing on Cloud Computing, which was partly funded by Microsoft and Vodafone.

“Andalucía Smart 2020”, an initiative to develop smart cities (developing cities with high quality of life using ICT), was approved by the regional government with an investment of around 50 million euros.For many years, Andalusia’s government has been also promoting and using Open Source Software (OSS) in public schools and administrations and is currently using a complete open source desktop environment, which will create further opportunities for companies in this sector.

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