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In 2011, Celgene, one of the world’s major biotech companies, opened its first R&D and innovation centre outside the US in Seville. CITRE, The Celgene Institute of Translational Research Europe, is a focal point for advanced biomedical research including regenerative medicine, personalised medicine and cellular therapies. “It is not a coincidence that our project CITRE is located in Andalusia. The Andalusian Government has been actively involved since the very beginning with its long experience promoting biomedical researching,”David Villalba, Senior Manager Operations CITRE.


According to the OECD, Spain is the second country with the largest number of biotech related companies worldwide.

The Andalusian biotechnology sector has experienced significant growth over the past years and houses a relevant share of biotech companies located in Spain, including names like Abbott, Merck, Pfizer and Rovi Pharmaceuticals. Over 262 companies employ around 3,000 people and generate a turnover of around €220 million.

Biotechnology has several applications in areas such as health, agriculture or industrial processes and they are differentiated by colours (red, green or with respectively). One of the sector’s specialisations is red (health) biotechnology. Andalusia was one of the first regions in the world to authorise embryonic stem cell research and a pioneer in Spain by introducing advanced therapies for patients. Since 2009, Andalusia has been a national leader in terms of creation of biotech companies, making the region one of the most dynamic bio-clusters in Spain. Indeed, in 2014, 15 out of the 58 biotech companies established in Spain were settled in Andalusia.

Biotechnology companies find a highly innovative environment in Andalusia. In 2013, the Spanish government invested more than €400m in R&D, which makes it one of the top countries worldwide in terms of biotech R&D expenditure. Furthermore, the region has four research centers, Cabimer, Genyo, Bionand & Fundación Medina, medical research institutes, a network of bio-banks, 10 GMP facilities as well as two specialized laboratories; CASEGH, the Andalusian Human Genome Sequencing Centre and LARCEL, the Andalusian Cell Reprogramming Laboratory.

 Moreover, Andalusia offers state of the art infrastructure such as the PTS technology park in Granada specializing in pharmaceutical, health sciences, healthcare and food industries. The PTS is the first park dedicated to healthcare in Spain.

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