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In 2010, Abbott received the Best Workplaces award for Spanish healthcare companies as well as numerous quality certifications. A global leader in dietary supplements, Abbott has operated a production plant and R&D centre in Granada since 1994. In 2007, Abbott expanded the plant to almost triple its production capacity.

Agroindustry & Food

The agriculture & food sector is well-established in Andalusia and comprises more than 5,000 food & beverage manufacturing companies that in 2014 employed around 220,000 people and generated revenues of around €13 billion. It is therefore one of the most important industrial sectors in Andalusia. This creates a huge pool of talent, expertise and business opportunities for new investors.

Andalusia’s agriculture & food sector represents an international benchmark, for example, in technologies for the olive and olive oil industries, as the region is the largest producer in the world. Furthermore, Andalusia is the second producer of strawberries and leads the European Union in terms of pork production. Major industry players in Andalusia include well-known companies such as Cargill, Danone, Heineken, Kraft Foods or Sovena.

Andalusia is also a world reference for intensive farming, genetic engineering, integral water cycle technologies, hydroponic crops and agricultural plastics. The region has the largest ecological production among the Spanish regions, representing 54% of the country’s production as a whole.  Moreover, the ecological production is expected to double by 2020.

The region offers a large network of technological spaces and infrastructure specialised in the agriculture & food industries, such as the Geolit Science & Technology Park in Jaen, the Agroindustrial Park in Jerez and several technology centres focused on agro-industrial R&D.

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