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Andalusia is the Spanish region with more mining sites, 571 in total, representing 26.8% of the value of mining production in Spain. The sector is currently employing more than 4,700 people and amounting to 835.5 million euros in terms of production value in 2013.

The Andalusian mining can be stratified into three business segments: ornamental stone, aggregates and metals.  Most of the ornamental stone activity is carried out between the provinces of Almería and Granada.  The aggregate exploitations are much more scattered throughout the territory.  With respect to the metal mining, the highest percentage of its activity can be found in the Andalusian western sector, between the provinces of Seville and Huelva, or along the Iberian Pyrite Belt.

The sites produce a total of metallic minerals of 420.000 tonnes per year, representing the region the 77% of all the metallic minerals extracted in Spain. Almería gathers around the 20.59% extractions, followed by Seville, 17.32%, Jaén with 13.57%, Granada, 12.48%, Cádiz, 11.70%, Córdoba 9.98%, Málaga 9.20% and Huelva, 5.15%

There are several extractions being carried out by major players of the international arena. Extractions of Río Tinto & Cerro Colorado by Atalaya Mining, Cobre Las Cruces by First Quantum Minerals or Aguas Teñidas mine by Cambridge Mineral Resources.