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Chemical Industry

The Chemical sector is the second largest sector in the Spanish industry after food and has experimented the biggest increase since 2007.

Andalusia is the third Spanish region by sales in the chemical sector with a total turnover of 7,487 millions of euros in 2014. The chemical sector accounts for 649 companies employing more than 12,000 specialists throughout the region.

The industry is centralized in two main clusters located in Huelva and in Cádiz.

Accounting in total with around 30 companies, the chemical pole of Huelva and Algeciras are one of the most important industrial clusters in Spain. Most of the companies are located close to the city of Huelva and produce sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, soda, fertilizers, colorants, among others. On the contrary, the ones located in Campo de Gibraltar specialize in refinery with international companies like Repsol, CEPSA, Air Liquide or Linde operating there.

It is relevant to state that Andalusia has been selected by the European Commission as one of the “model demonstrator regions” to turn the region into a model of research and development of sustainable chemical industry.