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Transport & Logistics

Andalusia´s strategic geographic location is further strengthened by an excellent transportation infrastructure, making Andalusia one of the most important logistics hubs in southern Europe. After the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy, Spain ranks #4 in the EU in terms of sea transportation of goods.

Andalusia has extensive multi-modal transportation systems that allow fast and convenient access to any part of Andalusia, the rest of Spain and beyond. It is the European region with the longest network of highways, having 2,500 kilometers. Apart from that, Andalusia is connected to Madrid with high-speed train services at a travel time of about 2 ½ hours. Furthermore, 5 out of the 6 Andalusian airports have international connections.

With regards to the industry, there are about 9,000 companies employing 75,000 specialists in different sectors in the region.

Algeciras, located in Cádiz, is the major port in the Mediterranean in terms of container traffic which attracts major companies in the sector such as Maersk, CMA CGM, Vopak or Rhenus. The Port is placed in an exceptional geo-strategic location. At the crossroads of the world’s main cargo shipping lanes, Algeciras’ Port is a Western Mediterranean hub for container transhipment with a traffic of 4,515,573 TEUs in 2015, 28,446 vessels and around 29,000,000 mt bulk freight a year.