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Serial production of Airbus Group’ most advanced high-tech military airlifter A400M started in Seville in 2011. In 2008, Schott Solar, the renewables division of the German glass producer Schott, established a manufacturing plant for solar receivers in Seville. CSC's Health Business Unit for the South of Europe and Latin America located at Andalusia's Technology Park in Malaga has become its main premise for their development and growth in the Health sector. Celgene chose Seville for its first R&D centre outside the US to carry out extensive clinical trials starting in 2011. Abbott, Spain’s Best Workplaces award winner 2010, expanded its Granada nutritions plant to triple its production. Spanish Sener and Abu Dhabi Based Masdar opened their cutting edge solar tower project Gemasolar in 2011

Competitive costs

Investors in Andalusia can benefit from a productivity level above the EU-27 average, attractive wage policies and lower operating costs than in most other Spanish and European regions.

One of Andalusia’s major benefits for investors is the availability of well-educated workers at considerably lower costs than in other parts of Spain or Western Europe. Andalusia's competitiveness is further emphasized by reasonable operating costs in areas such as energy, real estate and telecommunication. While electricity costs in Spain are around the EU-15 average, the cost of natural gas for industry is among the lowest in the European Union.

Andalusia also offers a high availability of industrial property and land at reasonable prices. Rents for commercial property in Andalusia’s two largest cities Malaga and Seville are substantially lower than in Madrid, Barcelona or other comparable cities in Europe.