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Serial production of Airbus Group’ most advanced high-tech military airlifter A400M started in Seville in 2011. In 2008, Schott Solar, the renewables division of the German glass producer Schott, established a manufacturing plant for solar receivers in Seville. CSC's Health Business Unit for the South of Europe and Latin America located at Andalusia's Technology Park in Malaga has become its main premise for their development and growth in the Health sector. Celgene chose Seville for its first R&D centre outside the US to carry out extensive clinical trials starting in 2011. Abbott, Spain’s Best Workplaces award winner 2010, expanded its Granada nutritions plant to triple its production. Spanish Sener and Abu Dhabi Based Masdar opened their cutting edge solar tower project Gemasolar in 2011

Attractive incentives

Based on European Union regulations, the Andalusian administration is allowed to provide some of the highest levels of financial support for new investments. The region’s incentives programmes are designed to support company creation and modernisation, promote business cooperation and encourage R&D.

Subsidies of up to 30% of eligible investments (up to 50% for small enterprises) are available for new or existing companies that invest in new facilities, create jobs, increase their production capacity or invest in technological innovation. Certain investments in construction, equipment supplies or other tangible fixed assets as well as investment project pre-studies can also be eligible for incentives support, which take the form of direct, non-repayable or repayable grants, interest rate subsidies, participatory and other loans or venture capital. Incentives are generally higher for projects from the region’s priority sectors as well as those located within science and technology parks. Enterprise collaboration projects and research, development and business innovation projects are particularly encouraged. The latter are also eligible for support through the Technology Fund, which provides up to €500,000 of aid per beneficiary engaging in consulting and support services for innovation, R&D technical viability studies or the promotion and stimulation of research and innovation. In the field of R&D, the Technology Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) for R&D and Industry-Academia Cooperation offer financial aid consisting of a 25% grant and a 75% loan (with 0% interest and a 3 year grace period).

Additional incentives for the employment of women, young people and long-term unemployed as well as financial support for employee training are available at national level.

The Jeremy Fund offers financial support in the form of risk capital, loans, and guarantees of which 75% are funded by the European Commission (European Regional Development Fund) and 25% by the Andalusian government, totalling €235 million.

Foreign investors are asked to contact Invest in Andalucía in order to receive personalised service and guidance regarding incentives availability and eligibility. The duration of the incentives approval process is 2 months on average, while payment is usually carried out within 3 months after submitting proof of expenses.