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Flying vehicle by EHang Technology

Agreement with EHang Tecnology to develop pilot project for automatic passenger and freight aerial vehicles

The future is here. The Chinese company EHang Tecnology has spent a few years developing automatic aerial vehicles for passengers and freight, smart applications which will revolutionize short-term mobility and transport. EHang Technology recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Seville City Hall to establish this city as Europe’s gateway for this project. Tests for these aerial vehicles will be held in Seville, with the aim to determine their usefulness and develop a drone control and command platform in the city.

This initiative is part of a smart city strategy aimed at promoting initiatives which contribute to mitigate the effects of climate change and to foster circular economy and sustainable mobility. These flying cars, which use a system for which companies such as Uber have expressed their interest, mark the beginning of a business alliance with a state-of-the-art technological company which, at a municipal level, is seen as an excellent showcase to attract the installation and investment of other firms in the area of Seville.