Glass made by O-I Glass, sustainable packaging

The American multinational intends to optimize energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint

O-I Glass, one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass containers, has invested €30 million in updating and fine-tuning its Seville plant. This will allow the North American company to hold on to its almost 200 direct and 100 indirect jobs. The plant renovation was a large-scale, technically complex project that took place between May and July while the factory shut down production. Nearly 500 professionals and technical specialists from various countries participated in this upgrade project.

Company representatives state that this investment favors flexibility and benefits their Spanish and French customers in the food and beverages markets. Glass is the most sustainable food and beverage packaging option, a feature increasingly more valued by consumers who demand premium, sustainable and recyclable packaging. That is exactly what the renovated facilities of O-I Glass in Seville are all about.

Source: Invest in Spain