Greenfield Investment

Our support to this type of investment is structured into the phases of planning, implementation and development, with the aim is to provide investors with:

Information on best project sites
Customized services at no cost
Advice throughout the investment process
Creation of a value network for new companies


◎ Access to skilled craft
◎ Support, sectoral, legal and fiscal information
◎ Allocation of a sectoral specialist to your project
◎ Search for your suitable project location.


◎ Market consultancy
◎ Intellectual property advice
◎ Point of contact with the regional administration
◎ Liaison with suppliers, universities and partners


◎ Customized aftercare services
◎ Facilitator of specialized services
◎ Strategic reference for new projects

Capital Investment

Foreign Investment Identification

We support foreign investors to identify Andalusian companies in which to invest and grow together in the international arena. With that aim:

◎    We disseminate investment opportunities amongst Andalusian companies
◎    We invite foreign investors to investment forums and meetings with Andalusian companies
◎    We design agendas tailored to the interests of foreign investors

Project Acceleration

The aim of this unit is to promote and coordinate investment projects considered strategic.

Dynamic Effect for Investors

◎ Speed up administrative proceedings
◎ Simplify bureaucratic barriers
◎ Assign a preferential, fast track to these projects
◎ Coordinate with other agencies to support investors

Our Team

Invest in Andalucía is comprised of a team of professionals and specialists who cover all areas, needs and industries associated to foreign investment.