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Andalusia’s chemistry industry is the second most important in Spain, being the most competitive and recording the highest growth rate since 2007. Although a number of chemical activities are carried out in our region, the main ones are the transformation and handling of biodegradable plastics increasingly used by the agrofood industry, we as well as the development of technological solutions for application of fertilizers, detergents and paints.

Companies investing in the chemistry industry, which is known for its stable, quality employment, will find in Andalusia qualified talent and human resources, specific training programs adapted to sectoral needs, as well as contractors and companies specializing in auxiliary services, such as maintenance and logistics, among others. To top it off, Andalusia has an unbeatable quality of life, which means on both a business and personal level, is the best decision you could make.

Andalusia is a European reference

Andalusia was selected by the European Commission as an example of a region capable of turning its chemistry industry into a sustainable model of research and development.

Formula for success

Chemical companies in our region have easy access to qualified human resources and talent, specific training programs and specialized contractors.

Multiple support levels

The Andalusian chemistry cluster provides investing firms with a high level of technical and financial support for development and growth.





+€26.400 Billion


industry appeals

Andalusia leads the primary transformation of non-ferrous metals in Spain and holds the second position in terms of crude refining. These activities are carried out mostly in the chemical centers of Huelva and Cadiz (Bay of Algeciras), both with available industrial land and close to major ports.It is also important to mention the Andalusian chemistry cluster, known for good structure, excellent geostrategic location, optimal communications network, has considerably lower business costs than in other regions of Spain and Western Europe.


Miguel Ángel Calderón

Vice President of Technology Cepsa

One of the Andalusian advantages is its strategic position to access the American, European and African markets.


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◎    Sensient Fragances
◎    Sophim Iberia
◎    CLH
◎    Fertiberia
◎    Repsol

Highlighted companies

The company Sophim set up in Almeria in 2014 with the aim to manufacture unique chemical compounds for the marketplace

Sophim is a French company founded in 1996, specializing in the manufacturing of natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry, which decided to expand their business by setting up in Almeria in 2014.

Sophim is known for the manufacture of natural and organic cosmetic products, certified and approved by COSMOS. Their core business is based on innovative distillation, esterification, and hydrogenation processes, enabling them to offer unique, top-quality ingredients.

CEPSA, chemistry leader at a worldwide level

Cepsa is a global and integrated energy and diversified company operating across the entire oil, chemical and gas value chain.

With over 90 years of experience, Cepsa has established itself as a leading energy firm in Andalusia which develops its businesses across five continents.