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Auxiliary sector for other regional activities, including renewable energies, naval maritime, aerospace and automotive. The metal-mechanics sector of Andalusia collaborates closely with other industries (e.g. ICT) to develop apps which have revolutionized traditional sectors such as fishing. This collaboration has favored the creation of numerous start-ups which offer innovative solutions to the needs of specific sectors.

The auxiliary naval industry, linked to metal-mechanics activities such as boiler works, piping and mechanics, is led by Navantia, leading firm which has its main facilities and one of the largest levees worldwide in our region. Another important metal-mechanics area is automotive, focusing largely on the development of electric cars and its complementarity with renewable energies and ICT. This would explain why the multinational corporation TESLA is now collaborating with Andalusian companies. Our weather is another aspect which drives companies to set up their vehicle and prototype testing centers in our region. That is exactly what the giant corporation Michelin did decades ago, when they decided to set up their unique Experience and Testing Center in Andalusia.

Complementarity with Other Industries

Over the last decade, Andalusia's metal-mechanics industry has been significantly modernized thanks to its collaboration with the ICT sector.

Warm Land, Cold Leader

Andalusia is a world leader in cold generation, being the Spanish region where 80% of commercial cold products are manufactured.

Development of Future Transport

Andalusia’s automotive industry, committed to transport sustainability, has the first European test and certification center for autonomous vehicles with 5G communication.





+€9.7 Billion


Industry Appeals

Cordoba is home to both the sectoral cluster for cold generation and AFAR, an association which aims to ensure business competitiveness in foreign markets. Andalusia is also the base of CETEMEC, an excellence R&D center specializing in transport and metal-related activities, as well as of CFA, the Center for Advanced Manufacturing known for new state-of-the-art technological capabilities and for providing companies with a platform to develop new technological creations and industrial projects.

The metal-mechanics sector also supplies the railway industry, which has in Andalusia the CTF (Center for Railway Technologies), considered the avant-garde of European technologies and a key driver of Railway Innovation Hub Spain.


Fernando Hardasmal

Executive Vice President of Dekra Service
Division Product Testing

It must be said that Andalusia is quite innovative, as we have been able to attract not only national talent, but also international.


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