Andalusia, region known worldwide for having its own way of understanding life

Andalusia is a synonym of quality of life. Land known for its famous tapas, extraordinary art, stunning nature and socio-employment conditions that make Andalusians some of the happiest people in Europe according to the prestigious The Telegraph newspaper, which considers Andalusia as “the best place to live in the world”, ahead of Paris (France), Parma (Italy) or even the Caribbean! Its sunny weather, gastronomy, warm-hearted people, culture and historical heritage are some of the wonders making Andalusia special as a destination that attracts over 25 million visitors yearly.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Michelin Star Restaurants

Days of sunshine yearly

Kilometers of Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline

Did you know...

in Andalusia, foreign companies highly value the quality of life in our region, as well as the hospitality of its people, smooth-running health system, availability of international schools and easy integration for ex-pats?


foreign residents in Andalusia


years of life expectancy, one of the highest in the world

Andalusian Passion

Business projects need people, who are increasingly more productive in an environment with quality of life. Investing in our land is investing in a lifestyle that brings happiness…and productivity.

More Reasons to Invest


In Andalusia, investors have access to communication and connection networks for safe and quick movement of people and goods from our region to other areas worldwide.

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In Andalusia, there is a unique lifestyle and intense production, two factors which together give rise to a vibrant economy with multiple opportunities and advantages for companies, investors and people in general.


In Andalusia, companies benefit from quality services offered by a modern 21st century society, while benefiting from lower labor and operational costs and the possibility of accessing the highest subsidies allowed by the EU.

In Andalusia, companies have access to highly qualified workers with a variety of professional profiles, allowing them to cover multiple business needs.