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Andalusia is a synonym of agrofood leadership: An activity accounting for 11% of the Andalusian GDP and creating one in every ten jobs in the region. Main producer worldwide of olive oil and olives, main European producer of ecological products, main fruit and vegetable exporter within Europe, second producer worldwide of strawberries and main European producer of tropical products. In winter, when others can simply not produce what they demand, Andalusia supplies quality products to European markets in less than 36 hours thanks to its distribution network.

With the aim to consolidate our leadership in this sector, which provides direct employment to 52,000 people, Andalusian public agencies promote the installation of processing plants near production areas, with access to specialized parks and centers which play a key role in technology transfer. Furthermore, this sector has agrofood research centers and a modern network of infrastructures and communications favoring sectoral mobility. Other relevant aspects are the university courses offered in this area and the availability of qualified labor with a low rotation rate and one of the most competitive costs in Western Europe.

Comprehensive Production Cycle

Andalusia’s climate, unique in Europe, makes it possible to have an extended agrofood cycle which ensures supply throughout the year, both at a producer and supplier level.

State-Of-The-Art Technological Development

The main seed producers on the marketplace have R&D facilities in Andalusia, since they are aware that our region leads the development of food-related technologies.

Maximum Institutional Support

Andalusia provides investing companies with the possibility to benefit from public funding and the highest levels of incentives allowed by the EU.





+€13 Billion


Industry Appeals

Andalusia is at the cutting edge of water resource optimization, considered by many a service increasingly in demand due to water scarcity and the need for comprehensive water cycle technologies. As for food-related technologies, our region is known for the development of genetic engineering, optimized treatment of olive oil and olives, hydroponic cultivation, as well as plastics for farming and packaging.

Other agrofood industry areas in which Andalusia is a key player are gourmet products, such as cured jabugo ham and bluefin tuna, both known for a level of quality and innovation which attracts companies from all over the world, as well as the aquaculture industry, an activity which according to FAO will be the main contributor to fisheries’ growth. Aquaculture in Andalusia offers interesting opportunities due to its unique positions between two seas, favoring the installation of inland and offshore facilities for production of high added value species. For these reasons, some of the most important national and international aquaculture companies have set up in our region.


Luis Martín

Head of the Commercial Unit of Horticultural Seeds

Andalusia, more specifically Almeria in our case, stands out for its agricultural competitiveness and for being an important innovation hub.


◎    Pernod Richard
◎    Monsanto
◎    Grupo Bimbo
◎    Covap
◎    Daregal
◎    Lanjarón Aguas
◎    Ebro Foods
◎    Lactalis Puleva
◎    Migasa
◎    Usisa
◎    Ubago
◎    González Byass
◎    Coca Cola
◎    Bayer CropScience
◎    DuPont Pioneer

◎    Sovena
◎    Pepsico
◎    Suntory
◎    Grupo Culmarex-Cooke Aquaculture
◎    Goya Foods
◎    Stolt Sea Farm
◎    Fitalent-Everis
◎    Heineken
◎    Mahou San Miguel
◎    Pastas Gallo
◎    Aceites del Sur-Coosur
◎    Agro Sevilla Aceitunas
◎    Basf
◎    Koppert

Agrofood and Nutrition

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