Andalusia, one of the most competitive European economies in HR

Andalusia has over four million employees, being the Spanish region with more workforce and third in the number of workers with a college education. Furthermore, it has very competitive labor costs, lower than the Spanish and Euro Zone averages.
Considering that investing firms come from anywhere in the world, speaking languages and understand multiculturalism is necessary, Andalusia is a perfect place as a tourist destination, with a vast history as a land of settlement for different civilizations and a high rate of resident foreigners.

Andalusian Public Universities

Non-university Technical Training Centers

Engineering Specialization Courses


Researchers and Doctors Working in R&D

Did you know that… Andalusia, companies have access to more than 210,000 new university undergrads every year, many of them in technical areas, as well as to over 130,000 vocational training students. These workers, who will cover both office and plant jobs in the future, have access to language schools scattered throughout the region.



Annual University Graduates


Working Class that has a Secondary Education or Higher

Andalusian Professionals

Labor in our region is known for its qualification, competitiveness and flexibility, as well as for its low rotation index and high scientific-technical profile.

More Reasons to Invest


In Andalusia, investors have access to communication and connection networks for safe and quick movement of people and goods from our region to other areas worldwide.

Main Figures

In Andalusia, there is a unique lifestyle and intense production, two factors which together give rise to a vibrant economy with multiple opportunities and advantages for companies, investors and people in general.


In Andalusia, companies benefit from quality services offered by a modern 21st century society, while benefiting from lower labor and operational costs and the possibility of accessing the highest subsidies allowed by the EU.

Quality of life

In Andalusia, people enjoy quality of life and social-labor conditions which are unique in Europe. Climate, gastronomy, friendliness, culture, history, happiness...a long list to strike a balance between personal and professional lives.