Andalusia, one of the best connected regions in Europe

Andalusia is, both geographically and historically, a meeting point between the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions, a link connecting Europe to Africa, Asia and America. Its location and history as a crossroad for key intercontinental commercial routes makes our region an ideal place from which to access international markets. This is the reason why Andalusia is equipped with an excellent network of infrastructures allowing efficient management of goods and people.

International Airports

Commercial Deep Water Ports


Kilometers of High Capacity Freeways


Kilometers of Railway

Did you know that...

Andalusia is the Spanish region with more high-speed train stations (6), four of which connect the capital cities of Granada, Seville, Malaga and Cordoba?

Furthermore, our region has the main container port in the country and is the only one with 5 international airports in its territory.


of Andalusian homes have broadband optical fiber coverage

hours is the maximum time it takes to distribute by road Andalusian products to any EU market

Andalusian Connectivity

The main features of infrastructures in our region are modernity, versatility and accessibility, as confirmed by the fact that 90% of the Andalusian population lives within 25 minutes of a freeway.

More Reasons to Invest


In Andalusia, companies have access to highly qualified workers with a variety of professional profiles, allowing them to cover multiple business needs.

Main Figures

In Andalusia, there is a unique lifestyle and intense production, two factors which together give rise to a vibrant economy with multiple opportunities and advantages for companies, investors and people in general.


In Andalusia, companies benefit from quality services offered by a modern 21st century society, while benefiting from lower labor and operational costs and the possibility of accessing the highest subsidies allowed by the EU.

Quality of life

In Andalusia, people enjoy quality of life and social-labor conditions which are unique in Europe. Climate, gastronomy, friendliness, culture, history, happiness...a long list to strike a balance between personal and professional lives.