Key Data

Andalusia Communicates

Strategic Location

Unique link between commercial Atlantic and Mediterranean routes, historical gate connecting to Latin America and bridging Europe and Africa. Looking for Investment opportunities in Spain? Andalusia communicates!

Did you know that…

from Andalusia we can distribute our products to any European market in less than 36 hours?

Andalusia Transports

Cutting-Edge Logistics

Dynamic connections via 5 international airports, high-speed trains, large freeway and highway network and 10 commercial ports, including the one with more container traffic in the Mediterranean Sea. Looking for Investment in Spain? Andalusia transports!

Did you know that…

in Andalusia we have the only river port in Spain and that one in every three freight operations in the country takes place in our region?

Did you know that…

our life expectancy is higher than in other European countries with high welfare standards such as Norway, Finland, Germany and Denmark?

Andalusia Consumes

Large Market

With a population of over 8 million people and a medium-high purchasing power, Andalusia is the most populated Spanish region and has demographic indicators comparable to countries such as Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. Reasons to Invest: Andalusia consumes.

Did you know that…

in Andalusia we are working in the development of a unique digital market at a European level?

Andalusia Connects

Advanced Digitalization

Excellent communication infrastructures and leading region for Technology in Spain, which is the third country worldwide after Japan and Korea in mobile network infrastructures. Spain investment opportunities? Andalusia connects!

Andalusia Attracts

Preferred Destination

Andalusia’s cultural offer, weather conditions, healthcare services and public safety make our region a world-class location when it comes to quality of life and one of the leading regions in Tourism for Spain. Andalusia attracts.

Did you know that…

many tourists who visit us end up moving here, contributing to our economy and diversifying our talent?

Andalusia Innovates

Support Platforms

Complete science, technology and innovation network, with prestigious hubs, a tax system favorable to R&D, promotion of European policies and the highest subsidies and aid schemes available in Europe. Considering Spain foreign investment? Andalusia innovates.

Did you know that…

we have a strategic Projects Acceleration Unit which fosters and coordinates investment initiatives by speeding up redtape processes?

Did you know that…

63% of foreign companies that set up in our region will increase their investment and 87% of them will enlarge their workforce?

Andalusia Competes

Competitive Costs

Availability of commercial offices and spaces at better prices than in competing regions with the same level of progress and access to a competitive, stable and predictable workforce in a highly developed environment. Andalusia competes.

Did you know that…

about 40% of the electricity we consume comes from renewable sources?

Andalusia Respects

Spearhead of European energy policies, supported by social awareness, sustainability and green, digital energy transition, with ample experience in the development of smart cities and a key player within the Energy Sector of Spain. Andalusia respects.

More Reasons to Invest


In Andalusia, investors have access to communication and connection networks for safe and quick movement of people and goods from our region to other areas worldwide.


In Andalusia, companies have access to highly qualified workers with a variety of professional profiles, allowing them to cover multiple business needs.


In Andalusia, companies benefit from quality services offered by a modern 21st century society, while benefiting from lower labor and operational costs and the possibility of accessing the highest subsidies allowed by the EU.

Quality of Life

In Andalusia, people enjoy quality of life and social-labor conditions which are unique in Europe. Climate, gastronomy, friendliness, culture, history, happiness...a long list to strike a balance between personal and professional lives.