◎ High technological level
◎ Main exporting industry
◎ Economic driving force

◎ Highly diversified offer
◎ Significant accumulated experience
◎ Worldwide known destination

◎ State-of-the-art farming techniques
◎ Comprehensive production cycle
◎ Leader in various products

◎ Support for other industries
◎ Renewal for the future
◎ Significant R&D investment

◎ Formula for production success
◎ National sectoral leader
◎ European sectoral reference

◎ Tomorrow's strategic industry
◎ Clean, sustainable generation
◎ Smart cities

◎ Interconnection as a solution
◎ Platform for other industries
◎ Different technical options

◎ Pillar of tomorrow's economy
◎ Pool of European talent
◎ Development of video games

◎ Tradition meets innovation
◎ Strategic regional role
◎ Development and sustainability

◎ World technology leader
◎ Unique sectoral features
◎ Qualified workforce

Featured Company

CEPSA, chemistry leader at a worldwide level

Cepsa is a global and integrated energy and diversified company operating across the entire oil, chemical and gas value chain.

With over 90 years of experience, Cepsa has established itself as a leading energy firm in Andalusia which develops its businesses across five continents.

Empresas inversoras

Estas son algunas de las principales empresas instaladas en Andalucía