◎ High technological level
◎ Main exporting industry
◎ Economic driving force

◎ Highly diversified offer
◎ Significant accumulated experience
◎ Worldwide known destination

◎ State-of-the-art farming techniques
◎ Comprehensive production cycle
◎ Leader in various products

◎ Support for other industries
◎ Renewal for the future
◎ Significant R&D investment

◎ Formula for production success
◎ National sectoral leader
◎ European sectoral reference

◎ Tomorrow's strategic industry
◎ Clean, sustainable generation
◎ Smart cities

◎ Interconnection as a solution
◎ Platform for other industries
◎ Different technical options

◎ Pillar of tomorrow's economy
◎ Pool of European talent
◎ Development of video games

◎ Tradition meets innovation
◎ Strategic regional role
◎ Development and sustainability

◎ World technology leader
◎ Unique sectoral features
◎ Qualified workforce

Featured Company

Takahata is a Japanese advanced technology group which owns 14 plants in Asia.

The company, considered a worldwide leader in plastics engineering and synthetic materials, chose the town of La Carolina as the location for their first production center in Europe. The factory, in which €9 million were invested, houses the processes of preparation, design, development, manufacture and sale of automotion components and parts.

Investing companies

These are some of the principal companies that have installations in Andalusia.