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Andalusia, within its commitment to biotechnology, has one of the main biotechnological clusters in Spain (Andalucía Bio Región) and employs a highly qualified workforce for development of these activities. The region, thanks to its collaboration between Andalusian universities and the public health system, has ample experience in nutrition, functional foodstuff, biomedical research and pharmaceutical production projects.

A characteristic of this industry is its innovative profile, need for competent research professionals and high development costs due to the extended duration of production processes. Having this into consideration, Andalusia is a competitive region for sectoral firms due to highly qualified workforce, labor costs lower than in neighboring regions, and access to the maximum incentive level granted by the EU for innovation, development and business creation.

World's Biotechnological Forefront

Andalusia has one of the most advanced regulatory frameworks worldwide in the field of embryonic stem cells and is a pioneer in the application of advanced therapies in Europe.

Excellent Business Opportunities

Our region offers unique investment opportunities in marine biotechnology due to the rich biodiversity of species in our Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

Access to Unique Infrastructures

In addition to having four centers of excellence for biomedicine research, Andalusia is home to the first specialized technology park in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain.





+€400 Billion


Industry Appeals

Andalusia leads the Spanish industry in functional foodstuff and ecological products, and is also Europe's leading region in the production of fruits and beverages. Furthermore, Andalusia is one of the main Spanish regions in job creation and number of biotechnological companies. According to the OECD, Spain is the second country worldwide in number of companies operating in the biotechnology industry. Granada, in addition to hosting the PTS), first Health Technology Park of Spain specializing in biomedicine and health sciences, is also home to CIDAF (Functional Food Research and Development Center). Other interesting sectoral facilities are the centers of excellence Cabimer, Genyo, Bionand and Fundación Medina in Seville, as well as the PTA in Malaga.


Alberto Suárez

Director of the Nutrition Plant

The main advantages of this business sector in Andalusia are mainly the level of qualification of people, and being near universities and the Health Technology Park.


◎    Abbott
◎    Bayer CropScience
◎    B.Braun
◎    Biomedal
◎    Bionaturis Group
◎    Celgene
◎    DupontPioneer
◎    Biorizon Biotech
◎    Amarna Therapeutics

◎    MSD
◎    Pfizer
◎    Rovi Pharmaceuticals
◎    Laboratorios VIR
◎    NLife Therapeutics
◎    Rexgenero
◎    Pevesa Biotech-Grupo Kerry
◎    Pharmex
◎    Canvax Biotech