The vast experience of Andalusia in the renewable energy sector has turned into social awareness and a regulatory framework fostering a network of local suppliers and potential partners that is very interesting for any project within the energy industry. No other European region can match Andalusia’s combination of primary materials, technological knowledge, proven expertise and regulatory framework, making it one of the best regions for Sustainability in Spain and even Europe as a whole.

With regards to wind energy, the Eastern and Southern side of Andalusia is one of the most important in the country, with average wind speeds that are optimal for this type of power generation. As for solar power, Andalusia was the region chosen for the development of some of the most revolutionary and innovating power plants worldwide. This fact is no surprise considering that there are over 300 days of sunshine a year in Andalusia, with a solar radiation coefficient higher than in any other European region.

Leading Position in Wind and Solar Power

The European regulatory framework prioritizes the development of renewable energies (2030 Horizon), hence favoring Andalusia’s privileged position for the generation of renewable wind and solar power

Development of Sustainable Products

Andalusia has other natural resources (biomass and geothermal energy) and develops innovating technologies of 2nd- and 3rd-generation biofuels for enhanced sustainability

Andalusian Smart Cities

Sustainable power generation and the application of revolutionary ICT solutions have positioned Andalusia as the avant-garde of sustainable construction and smart city initiatives





+€8.95 Billion


Other Industry Appeals

Within the next few years, energy rehabilitation and urban regeneration will be established as a key pillar of public policies related to sustainability Spain, which is why Andalusia has prepared itself with the creation of 52 construction-related research centers and clusters. Furthermore, the region has established its own requirements to meet EU energy policy targets, prioritizing the “Promotion of Renewable Energies, energy efficiency and sustainable construction” within the RIS3.

The Andalusia renewable energy industry, which supplies 40.4% of power needs in Andalusia, is known for technological innovation and research collaboration with development institutes and universities, including the Advanced Technology Center for Renewable Energies (Spanish acronym, CTAER) and Almeria’s Solar Platform. Our region aims to establish this sector as an axis of future growth, supplying clean energy for the development of smart cities and sustainable industrial sectors.

Renewable energy

José Félix Lázaro

Project Manager at Iberdrola

Our Andévalo plant has over 146,000 panels supplied in record time, partly due to our professionals from the region.

Main Companies

◎    Gestamp Energy Solutions
◎    Greenpower Tech
◎    Isotrol
◎    Magtel Renovables
◎    Rioglass
◎    Masdar
◎    Abengoa
◎    Siemens
◎    Iberdrola

◎    Baublock
◎    Siber
◎    Ebuilding
◎    Vladimir Excavaciones
◎    Passivhaus
◎    Renovalia
◎    Brace Energy Group
◎    BIMnd
◎    Danosa

Sustainability in Andalucia, Spain

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