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Andalusia is the Spanish region with the highest numbers in terms of mining sites, export rates, employment creation (6,800 direct jobs) and production (25% of the national average). Furthermore, the region has great potential in terms of natural resources, being home to the largest reserve of non-ferrous minerals (polymetallic sulphides) in Europe (Iberian Pyrite Belt) and to one of the richest copper deposits worldwide.

Andalusia’s mining sector is considered strategic because it supplies other industries, including chemistry, metal-mechanics and sustainable construction. Aware of the productive importance of this industry, Andalusian universities offer courses in mining engineering, geology and environmental sciences, among others, with the aim to ensure labor qualification in this sector.

21st Century Mining

Andalusia has one of the richest copper deposits in the world and is known as one of the regions with the most modern treatment systems for this metal.

Strategic Industry

The Andalusian government, aware of the strategic relevance of mining, is committed to the development and sustainable growth of this industry.

Reference in Innovation and Sustainability

Within Europe, Andalusia is considered a reference of innovative and sustainable mining, which is why world-class mining companies have set up in our region.





+€1.3 Billion


Industry Appeals

Once minerals are extracted, the need to process and transport them has favored the development of auxiliary and satellite industries which, in the case of Andalusia, have a high degree of expertise. There are currently over 590 mining sites in the three sub-sectors comprising the Andalusian mining industry: ornamental rocks, arids and metallic mining. Furthermore, as part of the EU, Andalusia has a stable regulatory framework.


Javier Targhetta

Atlantic Cooper
Managing Director at Atlantic Cooper

Andalucía is a region well prepared due to its qualified workers and administrations to receive investments in this sector.

Featured Company

Atlantic Copper is a Spanish Company, based in Huelva, whose sole shareholder is the global conglomerate Freeport-McMoRan, one of the leading natural resource companies in the United States.

They process more than a million tons of ore at their Huelva plant, to produce close to 300,000 metric tons of refined copper annually. They also produce other industrial products, such as sulfuric acid, precious metals and iron silicate. Atlantic Copper, directly and indirectly employs over 1,000 people in Andalusia.


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