Andalusia, the Western European region with leading cost competitiveness

Andalusia, most populated region in Spain, is a large market with many consumer and business opportunities in which investors benefit from productivity levels higher than the EU-27 average, attractive wage policies and operational costs lower than in most European and Spanish regions. Add to that the availability of highly qualified labor and a solid technological and R&D environment.

Andalusian competitiveness is also known for reasonable operational costs in areas such as energy, real estate and telecommunications, as well as for large availability of industrial property and terrains at affordable prices. The rental cost of commercial facilities in the two main Andalusian cities, Seville and Malaga, is substantially lower than in Madrid, Barcelona or any other comparable city in Western Europe.

Million m2 of industrial land


Consumers of mid-high purchasing power


Population owning at least one house

Position in the list of EU-27 countries with lower tax charges

Did you know that...

in Andalusia, labor costs, including business wages, tax charges and operational costs, are 10% lower than the national average and nearly 30% less than in the EU-27?

This information is significant because it refers to workers with the same qualifications and identical levels of business equipment.


20% savings in kW/h prices compared to Denmark and 15% cheaper than in Germany

10 times cheaper to rent an office in Seville than in the financial district of London, 7 times cheaper than in Paris and 2 times cheaper than in Barcelona

Andalusian Support

Our region offers aid schemes covering up to 30% of the investment (50% for SMEs) for companies purchasing new facilities, creating employment, increasing their production capacity or investing in technological innovation.

More Reasons to Invest


In Andalusia, investors have access to communication and connection networks for safe and quick movement of people and goods from our region to other areas worldwide.

Main Figures

In Andalusia, there is a unique lifestyle and intense production, two factors which together give rise to a vibrant economy with multiple opportunities and advantages for companies, investors and people in general.

Quality of Life

In Andalusia, people enjoy quality of life and social-labor conditions which are unique in Europe. Climate, gastronomy, friendliness, culture, history, happiness...a long list to strike a balance between personal and professional lives.

In Andalusia, companies have access to highly qualified workers with a variety of professional profiles, allowing them to cover multiple business needs.