Chemical Plant in Andalusia

FeiQue, Business Federation of the Spanish Chemistry Industry, has published a new report describing the existing sectoral scenario

The chemical industry is one of the main, most consolidated industrial sectors in Spain. It importance as a driving force within Spain’s economy is revealed by the numbers: 5.8% of the GDP and 3.5% of all employment, both direct and indirect. With a business volume amounting to €66.5 million, nearly 60% of which come from sales abroad (€ 38.5), and an increasing relevance in markets outside the EU, the chemistry industry is Spain’s second exporting industry, right after the automotive sector.

In addition to offering interesting information, such as year-on-year production evolution, turnover or main sectoral products, the report also shows the specific position of the Andalusian chemistry industry, third within Spain in terms of turnover, accounting for 12.7% of the national total.

Source: Invest in Spain