Campaign to improve Industrial Safety

The company, leader in the fertilizer sector within the European Union, reinforces its safety culture with the support of DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Fertiberia has decided to collaborate with Dupont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) in order to lead Safety, Health and Environmental standards within the European chemical industry. According to Fertiberia Group representatives, the company has a highly mature culture in terms of people and environment protection, due to years of efforts made in this field. Within this policy, an internationally prestigious company such as DSS was selected with the aim to obtain innovative solutions that consolidate Safety, Health and Environment standards.

The Fertiberia Group, with a strong presence in Andalusia, is one of the most important fertilizer producers in Europe and offers the largest product portfolio, thus addressing the needs of many essential crops in Spain. It is also one of the main manufacturers of industrial chemicals, with a complete offer of industrial ammonia and byproducts which can be used as primary materials in the production of chemical substances, as well as of environmental solutions applied in multiple sectors.