Fast Test lab probe

Andalusia buys a million quick tests easier to use and more reliable than PCR from this investing company

Abbott is a well-known USA multinational corporation operating from Granada since 1994, when it purchased Puleva’s division manufacturing nutrition and food products. The company has a technological development and research center in its facilities. Over the last few years, Abbott has invested over $75 million in its production and R&D facilities in Granada. The biotechnology industry is known for being strategic for Andalusia’s economy and for its high added value and growth capacity, in addition to its direct influence on other regional productive sectors, such as agrofood and nutrition.

The Andalusian Government, in accordance with OMS and specialist recommendations, decided to intensify its efforts to control the virus, purchasing a million quick tests from Abbott with the aim to detect and isolate infected individuals. Abbott’s quick antigen tests have a reliability of 100% during the first three days after symptoms begin and 90% after the fourth day. The best thing about these tests is that no lab is needed and results can be obtained in a shorter period of time.