Photovoltaic plant of Andévalo in Puebla de Guzmán, Huelva

The multinational corporation plant to triple renewable assets in our region

Iberdrola’s renewable energy sites in Andalusia will tri-fold to reach 3,000 megawatts (MW) over the next five years. This will be achieved through a new investment plan budgeted with nearly €1.5 billion that aims to create 5,500 new jobs in our region just during the installation and assembly phase. Iberdrola, which recently inaugurated the Andevalo photovoltaic power plant (Huelva) equipped with 150,000 photovoltaic panels, is the first wind-energy developer in Andalusia and has an installed renewable capacity of over 900 MW. Additionally, the company owns 30 power plants in seven of Andalusia’s eight provinces, with a yearly economic impact of nearly €600 million.

Iberdrola expects electrification and green economy to serve as a lever for change in the post-COVID era, which is why it has accelerated short-term investments amounting to €10 billion. Iberdrola currently operates 32.700 renewable megawatts worldwide -over 16,600 of them in Spain-, owning one of the cleanest generation fleets in the power generation industry and having a renewable energy portfolio of over 58 GW.

Source: El Pais