Renewable Energies in Andalusia

The company is currently developing the project, which will enter the construction phase soon and become one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Spain

Mytilineos S.A. has announced in its website and with a press release that it sealed the agreement for purchasing their first photovoltaic plant in Spain, more specifically in the town of Jaen. Power plant construction will last about a year. During that time, work peaks with up to 250 workers are expected, in addition to the job creation linked to plant operation.

Mytilineos representatives explain in their press release: “We are thrilled with this new project in Spain, because for us it is a milestone to enter the Iberian Peninsula and Europe”. Mytilineos representatives also point out that they chose Jaen because it is “a region with one of the highest radiation rates in Spain”. Mytilineos is a developer of solar energy and power storage projects, with over 3,600 employees throughout Europe and specialized services in the entire range of solar energy applications. In addition to their work as construction engineering experts, Mytilineos is experienced in and capable of supporting the development of photovoltaic and energy storage projects throughout the plant’s service life.

Source: Viva Jaén