Picture of a wind turbine by Capital Energy

It will invest 30 million EUR in the installation and commissioning of six wind turbines

Capital Energy further commits to Andalusia after confirming a wind farm project in Ayamonte (Huelva, Andalusia), with a creation of over 100 direct jobs during construction, and of 4 direct jobs and 10 indirect jobs during the O&M phase. The wind farm will have an initial power of 27 MW and its GE wind turbines will generate energy equivalent to the annual consumption of some 33,000 households.

Capital Energy sees Andalusia as a key piece to develop its clean energy project, which is why it promotes over 1,600 megawatts (MW), of both solar and wind power, in our region, one of the best in Spain in terms of renewable energies. Commissioning of all this power will result in an investment of more than €1.1 billion. In total, Capital Energy promotes the construction of 34 renewable energy projects (22 wind farms and 12 solar plants) in six Andalusian provinces: Almeria, Cadiz, Granada, Huelva, Malaga and Seville.