Image of a Sandfire mine

Sandfire Resources buys 100% of Matsa

Sandfire is a dynamic, innovative mining company with a solid record in safe, profitable underground mining operations. The company, headquartered in Perth (Australia), is listed in the Australian Stock Market (ASX) and operates in the following countries: Western Australia, Botswana, USA and now Spain. Sandfire Matsa has an annual economic impact of around €190 million, including payments to suppliers and contractors, wages, fees and taxes, as informed by the company.

Matsa currently generates 4,000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced). The company staff is comprised of about 750 people, with 90% of the workforce having and open-ended contract and an average age of 42 and 36.5 for men and women, respectively. Around 80% of workers come from nearby areas, thus promoting the contracting of local service companies and suppliers.

Source: Europa Press