One of three Logistics Centers of Mercadona in Andalusia

Mercadona invests €32 million to improve its logistical centers in Andalusia, creating employment and optimizing its activity

Mercadona intends to implement improvement and renovation actions in its facilities with the aim to optimize product reception, storage and dispatchment activities and to complete an in-house reorganization process generating synergies with other centers and improving quality, efficiency and productivity. This investment confirms the firm's commitment to Andalusia, where it currently owns 348 stores.

Last year, Mercadona created 632 new, quality, stable jobs, for a workforce 19,384 people in Andalusia at the end of last year. The company invested over €196 million and purchased €2.98 billion from regional suppliers. Furthermore, the company is socially committed to the areas where it operates, having donated 3.327 metric tons of products to soup kitchens, Food Banks and other charities in 2020.