A400M manufactured in Seville

These military planes take on special importance due to their key role in the Covid crisis and evacuation of Afghanistan

Two crises, one sanitary, the other political, have allowed the 400M military plane assembled in the Airbus factory of Seville to display all its potential during both the evacuation of Afghanistan and the transport of sanitary material and sick people during the pandemic. After the deadline imposed for evacuation of Afghanistan, TV channels from across the globe have shown over the last few days twenty two A400M of the air forces of France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom taking off and landing repeatedly at the Kabul airport under extreme conditions. During the pandemic, the A400M traveled to different towns in China to load sanitary materials urgently.

The A400M is a military transport plane known for its versatility. This aircraft is equipped to perform a large number of missions: freight transport, troop transport, parachute operations, medical evacuation, air refueling or electronic surveillance. Last year, the images of this giant of the skies going across the globe to perform humanitarian missions were, undoubtedly, the best publicity for a unique aircraft.

Fuente: Sevilla ABC