C295 Assembly Line in SevillE

The company received important orders recently

India has formalized the purchase of 56 Airbus C295 planes to replace part of its old Air Force fleet. Under the terms of the agreement, Airbus will deliver the first 16 planes in flight conditions. These planes will be manufactured at the Seville’s plant, whereas the remaining 40 planes will be assembled at the facilities of the Indian company Tata Advanced Systems (TASL).

All C295 delivered to the Indian Air Force will have a transport configuration and be equipped with a native electronic war package. This agreement will boost the operational presence, as well as the industrial and technological development of this plane manufactured in Seville. The C295, capable to operate in short or non-prepared air strips, is used for tactical transportation of up to 71 troop members or 50 paratroopers. It is also used in logistical operations in areas inaccessible for larger planes. A total of 35 operators worldwide currently use the C295, of which 278 planes have been sold.

Source: La Voz Digital