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Expansion works at the Coca Cola plant of Seville

The multinational corporation exceeded its production expectations and goals

The bottling plant in Seville was recognized as the best of Coca-Cola European Partners in Europe during the Customer Service & Supply Chain Awards, which value aspects relating to quality policies, occupational health and productivity within the Business Units. These annual awards aim to both recognize the good work done by all Customer Service & Supply Chain area members, as well as to foster good practices within the organization.

Despite complications linked to the existing health situation, the Seville’s plant achieved excellent results. According to company representatives, “a new can production line was commissioned and the facilities were expanded, meeting production targets and improving indicators compared to expectations, including those related to mechanical efficiency and occupational productivity”. Against existing Covid-19 challenges, the plant is taking better care than ever of its workers, reinforcing safety standards, striving to prevent occupational accidents and consolidating sustainability, with a reduction of 7% in the water ratio and of 16.8% in power consumption compared to 2019. Plant management points out that this award is not the result of a single year, but of a positive multi-annual evolution.