Malaga Google

The multinational forecasts an investment of €650 million

Google selected the city of Malaga for its international excellence center on cybersecurity. According to company sources, “the choice of Malaga to host this new Google hub is not incidental, considering that this region has a lot of talent, a vibrant start-up ecosystem and business nurseries and accelerators taking good care of technological network for quite a long time”.
The company announced the launch of projects totaling €650 million to boost digitalization in Spain. “Before the pandemic, only 14% of Spanish companies had a digitalization plan and currently only 16% use cloud services. The European Center for the Development of Vocational Training points out that 43% of individuals between 16 and 74 years of age in Spain lack basic digital competences, despite the fact that in 2025 nearly 70% of jobs in the country are supposed to be covered by people with mid- and high-level digital qualification”.
This investment shall include the establishment of the first Regional Cloud of Google in Spain, as well as the first private underwater cable connecting Spain and the USA and UK, thus favoring cloud services of low latency and high performance. Additionally, product research and development projects, one of the cornerstones of digital transformation, will continue.

Source: Diario Sur