Malaga, technological, smart city

Talan recently announced the imminent opening of its new Center of Excellence in Malaga, southern Spain

Talan’s Center of Excellence in Malaga will provide expertise and bespoke services in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain, as well as technologies such as java or angular, to name a few. Malaga is a Smart Mediterranean City with an innovative ecosystem called Malaga Valley known for its high-tech industry, Smart City initiatives & entrepreneurial spirit. Talan’s office will sit at the Malaga Tech Park (former PTA), home to 621 companies and employing over 20,000 people.

According to Talan representatives in Spain, the company expects to recruit about 100 people by the end of 2022 and closer to 200 by 2023. The company chose Malaga because it is a well-connected city with excellent quality of life, low cost of living and, more importantly, a perfect place in Europe to attract talent and young, international professionals. The fact that 35,000 students come out of Malaga’s university every year, that there are over 20 international schools in the area, and that the city has an international airport with direct flights to 137 destinations in 37 different countries, were additional decisive factors.