Hicron, new company at the Malaga TechPark

Hicron plans to employ 13 professionals in 2022 and up to 38 in 2024

The Polish company Hicron recently announced that it will set up a Delivery Hub in Malaga TechPark. Hicron provides IT and business services to large- and medium-sized enterprises worldwide, including Australia, the United States, the Middle East and Europe. The company specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of SAP and cloud solutions. In addition to having a subsidiary in Spain, Hicron owns companies in Australia, Switzerland and three in Poland.

According to company sources, “the inauguration of our Malaga office allows us to reach our objectives more effectively and to best satisfy customer needs. Our Malaga TechPark center is a milestone in the story of Hicron”. In electing Malaga, the company considered multiple criteria, such as a supporting, friendly and stable business environment, possibilities to access talent and unlimited options for infrastructure expansion. The company was also looking for a country within the European Union with good flight connections to other countries. Malaga TechPark and the city of Malaga were the best option.

Source: Diario Sur