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Webhelp, ICT company set up in Malaga

This opening has resulted in the creation of 200 new jobs

Webhelp, leading Scandinavian company in the customer service industry, has opened a new office in this Malaga town. This opening is expected to be the first of many, potentially creating over 2,000 jobs once the business center is fully operational. The inauguration of this central Webhelp office places our region as a sector hub and further fosters job creation and wealth in Andalusia.

Webhelp, company founded in Kalmar, Sweden, has grown rapidly over the last few years, and plans to create even more jobs in the next few months. In addition to customer service, Webhelp is also specialized in social networks and commercial services. The company currently employs about 50,000 workers in 140 offices and 36 countries.

Source: Benalgo