C295 in flight

This milestone was celebrated at the Final Assembly Line delivery hangar for military planes at the Airbus San Pablo factory

EThe C295 is a military transport plane 100% Spanish built and assembled in Airbus Seville. Commissioned in 1997, this plane is a leader in its category. The CEO of Airbus Spain pointed out that the Seville’s factory assembles two of the company's "iconic planes”, the A400M and C295, two of the most versatile aircrafts in their segment and cornerstones of “a successful program” which will soon reach 25 years in operation.

As for the President of Andalusia, he said this plane “carries a big part of this region” and that it will soon fly to Canada to integrated the Canadian Air Force fleet. The Andalusian president also defined the aerospace industry as “key for the economy and strategic for the progress of Andalusia”, holding a leading position in exports and being an increasing contributor to Andalusia's GDP. During the ceremony, Andalusia was referred to as one of the main aerospace centers in Europe, with a powerful research ecosystem and 143 companies which bill nearly €3 billion. This translates into 14,500 stable jobs, most of them highly qualified.

Source: Sevilla ABC