Corvette Al-Jubail in Bay of Cadiz Shipyard

The vessel, called Al-Jubail, is part of an order for 5 corvettes

Navantia will deliver the first of five corvettes ordered by Saudi Arabia’s Royal Navy in March. The corvette Al Jubail, just like the remaining vessels, takes its name from a Saudi city. Al Jubail, with a length and beam of 104 and 14 meters, respectively, is able to transport 102 people including crew and passengers at a maximum speed of 27 knots (about 50 km/h).

This contract implies a global workload of about seven million hours, 6,000 jobs during five years, most of them in the Bay of Cadiz. Out of these jobs, over 1,100 are direct, more than 1,800 involve collaborators (100+ companies participate) and over 3,000 of them are indirect jobs created by other suppliers. In addition to the design and construction of last-generation corvettes, the program also includes a 5-year operational support service, which can be extended 5 more years. The supply of other services, such as integrated logistical support and operational and maintenance training, to name a few, is also part of this contract.