Airbus A400M of the German Air Force

This company, together with Airbus, will supply technological equipment for quick deployment

A truly transportable airport which can be deployed in any mission, that’s the project for the German Air Forces in which Indra is developing the technology of a top-level transportable air traffic management system. This project will allow Germany to have the air traffic management capabilities of a large airport within a system loaded onto military transport airplanes (airbus A400M) for quick deployment anywhere in the world. This solution provides the German Air Forces with strategic capabilities which reinforce their autonomy and quick deployment.

Indra, company with five work centers in Andalusia (Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and two in Seville) will deliver two of the main elements of this airdrome, such as the automated air traffic management system and a last-generation 2D primary military radar, whereas Airbus will supply the A400M, considered the most versatile, modern military plane on the marketplace.