Atlantic Copper and Fertiberia
Javier Targhetta, presents to Moreno Bonilla the proyect CirCular, declared a strategic interest by the Andalucian government.

Both companies develop initiatives aimed at fostering recovery and sustainability

Atlantic Copper has launched CirCular, name of a recovery plant project for treating metals contained in electronics and appliances, including silver, platinum, palladium, gold, copper, nickel, zinc and tin. This project, with an announced investment of €262 million, is quite complex and economically viable only if its scope exceeds a minimum efficiency threshold for plants of this type.

As for Fertiberia, it plans to implement in its Palos facilities a large project to partially replace natural gas (CH4) with green hydrogen as primary material. Fertiberia, which will have Iberdrola as its power supply partner in this project. is firmly supported by Triton Partners, new main shareholder which intends to undertake a new phosphogypsum pond restoration project.

With the projects of these two companies in Huelva, some goals of the European political agenda will come true, as they will both use technologies not fully mature, meaning further development and technological progress is required, imply a significant investment and do not offer immediate profitability. Job creation is another benefit of these two projects.

Source: Diario Sevilla