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Image of an Andalusian quarry

The Andalusian mining industry has all the elements needed to establish itself as a driving force of the regional economy over the next ten years

Andalusian mines are making an old dream come true: processing all minerals extracted at the Iberian Pyrite Belt in-house. There are currently five operational mines and additional projects for reopening Alquife, Aznalcóllar and Tharsis. The sector creates 10,000 direct jobs, 30,000 indirect and induced jobs, and generates a yearly business opportunities volume of €3.2 billion. The development of electric vehicles large renewable energy plants will increasingly require the use of copper, with the expansion of emergent countries such as India supporting long-term consumption. Market expansion will continue and Andalusia will be able to attract new international investment.

Together with companies operating in Andalusia, a group of small new companies funded via specialized Stock Markets (Toronto, London and Sidney) are currently assessing some areas of Andalusia. According to the Andalusian Mining Portal, the company CentrePeak Resources has projects in the Huelva locations of La Zarza and Riotinto, whereas Pan Global Resources, company based in Vancouver and listed in the Toronto Stock Market, is seeking copper in Escacena, near Aznalcollar. If an interesting site is found, it will make it available to the marketplace with the aim to find a larger investor. That is how this business cycle works.

Source: ABC Sevilla