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MATSA Plant in Huelva

MATSA is the JOYA DE LA CORONA of Mubadala, investment of the company and development company based in Abu-Dhabi

The company Minas de Aguas Teñidas S.A. (MATSA) has invested over the last few years to enhance the infrastructures of its three operating mines: Aguas Teñidas, Mina Magdalena and Sotiel. Some of these improvements include a remote control system for equipment inside the mine, installation of Wi-Fi for all operations and the MOS Project, which favors increased online information control throughout all operational phases. Furthermore, the company recently rolled out a new ongoing improvement project called Avanza2.

MATSA’s accumulated investment amounts to €1.248 billion to consolidate their reference Andalusian mining project. The company also continues to research new gold recovery methods and is in the process of transporting minerals to the Port of Huelva more efficiently by train, thus reducing heavy freight transport by road and minimizing pollutant emissions.

Source: Trafigura