Open-air cutting at Cobre Las Cruces

The mine Cobre Las Cruces, owned by the Canadian multinational corporation, is obtaining the operating permit for a polymetallic site

Cobre Las Cruces (CLC), mine owned by First Quantum, will undertake a temporary industrial reprocessing project to increase production at the Seville mining complex. To ensure the project’s viability, it is necessary to recondition the metallurgical plant with the aim to adapt industrial processes to the characteristics of reprocessed materials (different from newly extracted minerals). This activity is expected to take two years, period during which administrative permits will be processed and engineering for the new mining project at Las Cruces, called PMR (Polymetallurgical Refinery), with a foreseen exploitation life of 15 years, will be developed.

CLC, copper extraction and production complex in the province of Seville, uses one of the most advanced and sustainable technologies worldwide to obtain refined copper. CLC provides direct employment to about 700 people, both staff and contractors, and favors the creation of around 1,500 indirect jobs. Since the beginning of this mining project, the aggregated investment amounts to €1.1 billion, one of the most important in Seville and Andalusia. Early in the year First Quantum announced its intention to invest no less than €400 million to move forward with this new phase.

Source: ABC Sevilla