Ryanair Maintenance Facilities in Seville

About 600 professionals will work at the new airline facilities

Ryanair has just inaugurated a new maintenance center next to the Airport of Seville, with an existing workforce of 250 which will increase to 500 in 2023 and up to 600 in 2026, including engineers, mechanics and support personnel. The facilities, which have been expanded since they were commissioned two years ago, cover a surface area of 20,000 square meters, including last-generation equipment and 5 bays for plane overhaul.

The new Ryanair center represents the largest investment in Andalusia and is housed in a hangar which will be “the second largest industrial complex” in Europe. Andalusia's Department of Employment, in collaboration with Ryanair, works in the design of professional training courses adapted to the specific needs of the airline in particular and of the aeronautical area in general. This project further strengthens the key role played by the aeronautics industry in the region’s economy, contributing quality, highly skilled employment, as well as wealth and prestige.

Source: Canar Sur