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IT solutions by Solera

This new investment project, facilitated by the IDEA Agency, is expected to favor the creation of 300 jobs

Solera, founded in 2005, has its headquarters in Dallas and employs over 6,500 people in more than 80 locations. This company participated recently in an Invest in Andalucía event aimed at attracting North American investments. Solera specializes in the development of software mainly for insurance companies, but also for automotive and household industries, as well as in the management of databases linked to these processes.

The company, after discarding other national destinations, has the immediate goal of recruiting over 30 people, with the goal of having a staff of about 300 workers in two years. The profile of Solera employees is mainly technological: IT or telecommunications engineers, and also high-level vocational training undergrads for specific junior positions. From the very moment Solera expressed its interest to invest in Andalusia, the Direct Investment Unit of the new IDEA collaborated with the company, supporting key activities such as the request for interviews with Seville University representatives, with the aim to have access to a large of pool of talent.